Cheaters in Heat: The Year Everyone Cut Corners and Severed Ties

This year's scandals were less intricate, more desperate, and just as entertaining as ever.

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Fat Bear Week

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Fat Bear Week
Photo: Ronald C. Modra (Getty Images)

In October, a body-positive, bracket-style competition meant to determine Katmai National Park’s beefiest brown bear experienced one of the year’s most infamous cheating scandals. The ballot box was spammed with fraudulent votes in favor of husky hunkette, Holly. However, it was Unnamed Male Bear 747, likened to the size of a 747 aircraft, that was the true winner of that round. In fact, Unnamed Male Bear 747 went on to win the entire competition. It wasn’t revealed who spammed the box or what it is they know about Holly that we don’t, but you better believe my trust in the system is weakened.

Memorable tidbit: There are over 2,200 bears in Katmai National Forest, yet only four have held the Title of Fattest Bear. Fat Bear Week is an illusion of democracy.

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