Check Out the Latest Twitter Meltdown From Justified's Nick Searcy


Oh goody, we have another twitter meltdown on our screens! And it’s so hilariously predictable like the other ones! This one comes courtesy of Justified actor Nick Searcy, and has the requisite ranting against liberals and people who may or may not be fat, as well as self-aggrandizing retweets to then justify the rants (see what I did there?).

As our tipster points out, the rant seems to start here, with a former fan lamenting that she’s tempted to stop watching Justified because of Searcy’s past twitter behavior (more on that later):

It’s still going on like that, with bonus mentioning of Amanda Bynes and Adam Baldwin:

Apparently, Searcy’s detractors are not only fat, they’re humorless as well:

And liberals:

At least he has some help from his twitter friends, and the retweet button:

And he gets in one dig that is actually sensible. Too bad, the tweets above more than cancel out that one moment:

It turns out that this rant is in response to Adam Baldwin comparing gay marriage to incest four days ago:

When lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activist Tim Peacock tweeted at TNT about Baldwin’s anti-gay comments, he apparently became the target of both Baldwin and “Justified” actor Nick Searcy, who called him a “liar” and a “fat a**.”

Way to bring your and Baldwin’s bigotry into the news again, Nick Searcy. At least it wasn’t Timothy Olyphant giving Justified a bad name.

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