China Really Unhappy About Viral Sex Tape Shot in Uniqlo Dressing Room


There’s no denying that shopping at Uniqlo with all its weird packaging and strange rules is an experience. But while buying an Elmo t-shirt for $14.99 and being subjected to the sounds and colors of the retail establishment may be enough for some, a man and woman took their love of shopping to the next level by fucking in a store and filming it. And China is pissed.

The video, shot in Uniqlo’s flagship store in China’s capital, is only 71 seconds long and features a man and a woman engaging in sexual activities in front of a fitting room mirror while announcements about where the store’s fitting rooms and cashiers can be located are played overhead. The brand, which denies any involvement with the video, has been enjoying a surge in online searches, the AP reports, but the Chinese government is very angry that the video has been circulated and the country’s web regulator is concerned that the video was a viral marketing stunt by the clothing store.

According to the AP, the store in which the video was filmed has experience an uptick in notoriety, with Chinese citizens stopping by to take selfies with the store in the background and (possibly) wandering in to buy a pair or socks or a slightly overpriced t-shirt that the love-making couple might have touched. Beijing police, however, are taking the matter much more seriously and are both investigating the store and looking for the couple who made the video. The video’s also been made harder to find online due to the tongue-lashing the Cyberspace Administration of China gave to executives of the country’s two major internet providers for allowing the spread of the video, which is illegal. And this wasn’t an email, either. Executives were summoned for a face-to-face meeting in which they were reprimanded for the video’s spread.

But, you know, business is good, so even if the video was a viral ad, it might have been totally worth it.

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