Chinese Police Arrest Five People Over Uniqlo Sex Tape 


Last week, China was angered by a sex tape shot in Uniqlo’s flagship store in the country’s capital. The 71-second tape showed a man and woman engaged in…well…sex in front a full- length, dressing room mirror. Really, who can think of a better place than Uniqlo to live out your public sex fantasies? It’s certainly better than the Gap.

Despite the ridiculousness of the whole thing, the Chinese government reprimanded two of the country’s main internet providers for allowing the video to remain online. The video was quickly scrubbed from China’s internet. Searches for Uniqlo, however, continued to trend. Meanwhile, the retailer denied that the video was a viral marketing stunt, and encouraged shoppers to use fitting rooms for their god-given purposes.

Now the Associated Press reports that the Beijing police have arrested five people linked to the production of the sex tape. Among the five arrested are the young couple who appear in the video. It’s not clear how the other three arrested were involved in the video, but the AP reports that laws ban the production of obscene material, as well as sharing it online. Despite the laws, young Chinese seem to have been amused by the video; since its release, selfies in front of store have become popular online.

The arrests seem to be part of a larger attempt to dissuade younger Chinese for whom Uniqlo has become a “euphemism for make-out spots among China’s web users.” They have recently begun an online campaign encouraging Uniqlo to make their fitting rooms larger.

Image via Getty.

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