Clashing Clothes At Clash of the Titans Premiere!


“The mortal son of Zeus embarks on a perilous journey to stop the underworld and its minions from spreading their evil to Earth as well as the heavens.” But at Clash of the Titans‘ London premiere, we were powerless.

While I hate everything Gemma Arterton is wearing, I still think she looks amazing. What sinister alchemy is at work here? “By the pricking of my thumbs,” etc.

Actress Ali Bastian is what we call “on-trend.” Note, please, the striped tee-shirt dress and the early-90s blazer. Points off for not sporting a cage sandal, though.

Liz Fuller (the Welsh actress, TV host, model and media personality) sports an outfit of such mind-blowing, baffling horror that mere words fail me. Or, rather, sentences do – there are still some random words. Why? Pants. Boob. Hair. They’re all in there.

There’s growing out of awkward stages, and then there’s Nicolas Hoult going from About a Boy to this which, even after watching all of Skins in one marathon sitting, is still really hard to take in.

Jane March opted for the LBD, then made it “interesting” with leprous tights, devilish heels.

So I was in a store, and I tried on a dress not dissimilar to this for kicks. And my breasts were having none of it. They practically screamed their dissent and they would not be ignored. The saleslady tried to tell me it looked “awesome” but I was not taken in. I fear Claire Sweeney was. (Maybe because the color looks so gorge on her!)

This gown (on Sam Worthington‘s companion): coming to a prom near you.

For a second I thought Lemar was wearing one of those novelty umbrella hats, and I really respected that. But he wasn’t. Good story, though.

Alexa Davalos is the evening’s saving grace. And in a one-arm, no less.

[Images via Getty.]

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