Comedian May Sue SNL for Allegedly Stealing His 'Draw Muhammad' Sketch


The comedian who says Saturday Night Live plagiarized his game show sketch from the Canadian show This Hour is 22 Minutes during last weekend’s episode is considering legal action.

Mark Critch, who wrote and performed his piece in January, says his lawyers are in conversation with SNL’s attorneys right now, according to CBC.

“You can’t do that. I mean people have ripped people off before, millions of times, but this is word for word and DHX Media — which owns own 22 Minutes — said they want to protect their intellectual property.”
“Never ever, in all my years of of making fun of people, have I seen anything that’s pretty much word for word,” he said.

Critch says his idea probably came up in a pitch meeting at SNL, perhaps by a writer who was on a cold streak and went online for some inspiration, where he or she found his 22 Minutes sketch. Still, Critch thinks this incident may speak to a bigger problem with the long-running comedy show.

“I think something’s on the go over there,” he said. “Somebody’s a bit desperate.”

Image via SNL.

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