Comment Of The Day: Scrabble Players Hope To See More Ts and As


At this year’s World Scrabble Championships a player wanted his opponent strip searched because he believed the man was hiding a G. They didn’t find the tile, but the players had plenty of letters concealed under their clothing. vitajex says:

The player was found to have on their person:
A T shirt with
a V neck,
a G string,
a C cup,
and an O face.
And, in case, they were playing Super Ultimate Scrabble, which allows for the use of special characters, there was, hidden somewhere on their body, an asterisk.

labeled: CRAZY AUNT KANYE adds:

In a brief statement to Scrabble officials, the accuser’s wife stated “he’s obsessed with the possibility,” frequently demanding she disrobe and allow him to search for the spot where the G is hidden.

Anita Ham Sandwich replies:

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