Controversial Time Cover Mom is Back Breastfeeding on Yet Another Magazine Cover


Back in May, it was probably safe to say that 26-year-old Jamie Lynne Grumet, the woman who famously posed defiantly on the cover of TIME with her boob in her giant toddler’s mouth, was already pretty much the LeBron James of breastfeeding on magazine covers. But now that she and her even gianter kid have have teamed up to create an encore, let’s declare this game over. She can go ahead and run a victory lap. You win, Jamie Lynne Grumet. World’s breastfeedingest.

The nonprofit quarterly magazine Pathways to Family Wellness definitely isn’t TIME and it likely won’t generate the nutty reaction the first cover did. This time around, Grumet’s son isn’t standing on a chair in order to better reach her breast, and he’s not looking directly into the camera in a way that begged to be meme’d; he’s being cradled by his smiling mother, who is sitting in a chair surrounded by her family. And the cover doesn’t demand the reader ask herself if she’s “mom enough;” instead it plays off the TIME headline — “Jamie Lynne Grumet: Mom Enough to Speak Out for Attachment Parenting.” See? Totally different.


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