Cops Raid Justin Bieber's House Looking for Eggs, Find Cocaine Instead

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Police showed up at Justin Bieber‘s door this morning with a warrant, looking for evidence that Bieber & Co. caused $20,000 in damages to his neighbor’s mansion by throwing eggs at it. (Not sure how that’s possible, exactly—is your mansion made out of sugar cubes? Are you the Nome King? But okay, I will take your word for it because I do not know very much about mansions.) They seized video footage from Bieber’s extensive security system, and wound up arresting rapper Lil Za for alleged possession of what they initially believed to be cocaine (sources now say the substance might be Ecstasy or Xanax).

Bieber and several house guests were asleep in the home when deputies arrived at 8 a.m., according to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lt. David Thompson. He was cooperative with the dozen deputies, but he did not answer questions about the alleged vandalism, Thompson said.
…One of Bieber’s house guests, rapper Lil Za, was arrested when deputies allegedly found illegal drugs during their search, Thompson said. Although the drugs were initially reported to be cocaine, Thompson later said they are believed to be Ecstasy and Xanax, but lab tests will be needed to confirm it.
…Cameras capture just about any movement on the property, he said. Detectives will spend the next days scouring through the video for clues about who hurled eggs toward the neighboring mansion last week, Thompson said.
If investigators find enough evidence that Bieber, 19, threw the eggs that splattered against his next-door neighbor’s home, they could refer the matter to the district attorney’s office for possible prosecution, he said.

Welp. [CNN] [TMZ] [NYDN]

The Duck Dynasty people are inspiring kids across the country to form lunchtime prayer clubs, according to the Duck Dynasty people. I don’t see any corroborating sources, but whatever you say, you guys.

Sadie Robertson, 16, the daughter of Duck Dynasty‘s Korie and Willie Robertson, told an audience in Montgomery, Ala., on Sunday that her family’s famous reality show is leading students to pray before lunch at schools across the country.
According to the Montgomery Advertiser, Robertson, who was a featured speaker at a fundraiser for Prattville Christian Academy, said, “For a TV show to bring prayer into schools, that’s awesome.”

Oh, go away. [USAToday]

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  • I laughed. I did.

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