Cronut Guy Creates Waffogato in Apparent Desperate Cry for Help

In Depth

Either Chef Dominique Ansel has an extremely specialized form of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder where he has to create the stupidest and most absurd desserts possible for the rest of his existence, or he’s the most epic troll ever.

How else are we to explain his latest creation, which he is calling the Waffogato (because of course he is)? Basically, he’s carved some ice cream into the shape of a waffle (those waffles — they’re so hot right now), thrown some waffle bits into it (apparently, “waffle bits” is actually the official term), poured espresso over it, gone “C’EST MAGNIFIQUE!” and just called it a goddamn day. Oh, but its maple syrup espresso, which is a thing precisely no people have asked for. “It’s a little like a milkshake at the end,” Ansel told the Wall Street Journal. So why didn’t you just serve a goddamn milkshake, you pretentious git?

For fuck’s sake, Ansel — at this point you’re just mashing words together and trying to make a dessert out of it. How long until we get an Eclainchovy or some Broccolato? Go do something with pancakes, Ansel; it’s impossible to sully those disgusting things further than they already have been.

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