Daniel and His Vans are Just Straight Up Chilling with Ellen Degeneres


The latest half-grown human the Twitter gods have decreed us mortals to honor with laurels woven from hashtags and Vines is named Daniel. He appears to be the spawn of Zack Morris. He wears white shoes. These shoes are called Vans. They are “sweet.” And now the sweet and these Vans and their wearer are on Ellen. Damn.

Daniel Lara, an Internet celebrity made famous for showing up in an Instagram video and walking around, made time between that and getting swatted to stop by the set of The Ellen Degeneres Show. The meeting between an adolescent who dresses like at least two lesbian nightlife promoters I know (read: compliment) and the talk show host was presumably recorded by Joshua Holz, the person responsible for the “Damn, Daniel!” soundbyte, who tweeted the original viral vid on February 19.

The seconds-long footage shows Lara arm-in-arm with Degeneres, both of whom are wearing white shoes and decidedly not having an epic battle of which pair, like the Oscars, is whiter.

For those who are curious, he is also “back at it with the white Vans!”

Daniel and his Vans will appear on the February 24 episode of Ellen.

Image via Twitter.

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