Did Disney Digitally Shrink Cinderella's Already Tiny Waist?


Everyone’s freaking out about Disney’s Cinderella, and it’s not just because the movie looks like a technicolor eyegasm; it’s also because Disney may have extended the realm of Fantasy to Cinderella herself, digitally altering Lily James’ waist to make it even tinier than it already is.

Say what you will about Disney’s influence on unrealistic body sizes and shapes for women, but it’s hard to argue that James’ waist looks improbably tiny in the stills for her new film. But is it real or is it memorex?

BuzzFeed reports that James’ agent and a source at Disney have vehemently denied that they’d edited James in both the stills and the trailers (how long would that actually take, do you think? Going frame by frame? That would be someone’s job for a long time), but no one is buying it. Buzzfeed contacted a corset expert and while she agreed that James’ waist might look smaller due to a corset and those poofy shoulder things (actual term) that she’s got going on, that this doesn’t mean the waist wasn’t edited.

I’m not particularly convinced that James’ waist is that much smaller (the photo below, for instance, seems like it’s taking advantage of lighting and angles) , but Twitter is exploding with accusations that Disney has done Cinderelly wrong and a poll on BuzzFeed shows that 62% of the people who’ve read the article (about 11k) believe that James’ waist was edited by some clever mice in post-production.

Image via Disney.

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