Dodgers Hire First-Ever Female Head Trainer, Not That That's Important Or Anything


The LA Dodgers have hired team physical therapist Sue Falsone as their head athletic trainer, making her the first female head trainer in baseball. Falsone downplays the importance of her gender:

It’s ironic that people think the change is about me being a woman, and that’s not really the change. It’s us as a medical staff and dealing with injures — that’s what the change is going to be. We’ll look at things differently. We’ll have different principles of injury management and hopefully decrease the injury rate. That’s what’s exciting. We’ll look at the processes in place and evaluate with a critical eye.

In the above clip, from 2008, Falsone discusses her growing role with the Dodgers. Could her promotion be a step on the Dodgers’ long journey out of suck? We’ll have to wait til April to find out.

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