Dog Awarded The Guinness World Record For The Longest Ears In The World


Congratulations to Harbor, an 8-year-old Black and Tan Coonhound from Boulder, Colorado, for being awarded the Guinness World Record for having the longest ears as a living dog. His ears measure 12.25 inches (left) and 13.5 inches (right). And you thought you were teased for your dumbo-like ears in middle school!

A Coonhound’s ears do not help with hearing, as you might have expected: the length of their ears helps them with their sense of smell, by whipping a scent towards their noses. Another tidbit from the Guinness World Book: Harbor’s ear-span is actually greater than the height of the world’s shortest man.

Of the attention his ears garner, Harbor’s owner, Jennifer, says “Cars will literally stop in the street to take a closer look and get a picture. Often strangers will tug his ears which he really doesn’t enjoy!”

[Guinness World Records]

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