Dog Walks on Hind Legs for Two Days After New Haircut Pisses Him Off


Jin Dan is a Pomeranian who reportedly became so “psychologically affected” by his new haircut that he walked around on his hind legs for two days, with devastatingly cute results.

Who knows if it’s true? And who cares? Look at him!

Apparently, Jin Dan’s owner took him to get groomed for a summer haircut and the dog hated it so much he wouldn’t walk around on all fours. Supposedly, his owner took him to a vet who said Jin Dan was just really upset after getting his haircut. The vet recommended that Jin Dan and his owner spend some quality time together, and he would start acting like a normal dog again, which evidently he did.

Shout out to the genius who Photoshopped Jin Dan to look like a flasher!

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