Doritos Will Hopefully Feature an Adorably Murderous Goat in One of Its Super Bowl Ads


It’s January, which means that you get to spend the next few weeks huddled over a space heater waiting for Super Bowl Sunday to descend on you like an unholy, Pepsi-sponsored carrion bird. Super Bowl commercials have achieved their own level of notoriety in the American media landscape, and the economic health of our great nation can probably be determined based largely on the excess that ad agencies will indulge in when scrambling to shovel colas and corn chips down our throats. Most Super Bowl commercials are terrible, mostly because commercials are terrible. Every now and then, however, a real Aaron Burr-Got Milk gem comes our way and distracts us from the spectacle of grown-ass men bludgeoning each other with industrial-grade plastic helmets. If there’s any sort of higher power governing the universe, this Doritos goat-killer commercial will be one of two winners selected to appear on Super Bowl Sunday.

via Business Insider

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