Drop Everything Right Now: Nicki Minaj's Wig Man Has Quit Over 'Creative Differences'

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Listen. Don’t panic. Yet. But Nicki Minaj‘s personal wig wrangler, Terrence Davidson, was apparently having such intense wig-fights with Ms. Minaj that he has issued a press release announcing his resignation.

Davidson confirmed the split last week in a statement citing creative differences. “I’ve decided to step away as hair stylist and wig creator for Nicki Minaj,” Davidson shared. “It has been an amazing experience offering me a chance to express my creativity and exhibit my love for the art form of wig design.”

If a Nicki Minaj does something weird in a forest, and no one is there to put a wig on her, IS THERE A GOD!? I don’t know, little ones. I just don’t know. [MTV]

Fuck yeah, Marlo Thomas! Fuck yeah, feminism!!!

At the time she was pitching the series, Thomas had read Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique and said that after college “I was a bridesmaid 17 times” and didn’t want to get married. She said that every TV script she was reading was all the same: “the women were wives, daughters and secretaries.” She took her idea to NBC programming executive Ed Sherick, demanding: “Ever thought of doing a show where the woman is somebody?” She said Sherick responded as though “I had been speaking Swahili.” She gave him a copy of Feminine Mystique. His reaction: “I just have one question: Is this going to happen to my wife?”


Eddie Furlong is in jail for domestic violence again.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Furlong was popped in L.A. Sunday morning around 5:45 AM. We’re told he also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, stemming from one of his prior domestic violence incidents.
Furlong is still in custody.
As we reported, Furlong was previously arrested in October following a domestic violence incident involving his GF at LAX — when he allegedly bruised her up during an argument at the airport.
Furlong was subsequently accused of another domestic violence incident in November.

Ugh, it’s like he buried his life in the pet sematary and it came back a monster. [TMZ]

  • Here’s Rupert Murdoch being a complete fucking scabby necrotic abscess on humanity’s asscrack. [DailyIntelligencer]
  • Apparently Lady Gaga‘s latest look is “Sexy [No-Pants] Annie Hall.” I will allow it. [E!]
  • Al Roker doesn’t understand why everyone’s so excited about his pooping incident. [TMZ]
  • Harry Styles might be dating some model and it might matter. [Yahoo!]
  • Uuuuuuugh, Simon from Misfits is going to be in a new sitcom (!?) with Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi and I am going to waaaaaaaaatch iiiiiiiiiiit. [WalesOnline]
  • A bunch of words I don’t know: “Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kandi Burruss Engaged to Todd Tucker.” [E!]
  • I <3 Nick Kroll like to a creepy degree. [AwfulPlasticSurgery]
  • Jesse McCartney shaved his head and discovered he had a beautiful mole. [E!]
  • Kim Kardashian is “terrified” of gaining weight during her pregnancy. [ContactMusic]
  • Patti Stanger admits she gets Botox, but only because it helps with her headaches (loooooolz). [DailyMail]
  • Prince Harry named “Most Eligible Bachelor” by Who Cares magazine. [People]
  • SO INFORMATIVE. I never even knew I was curious about this. [Alohomora]
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