Drunk Wasps With Nothing to Do Are Terrorizing England 


God help anybody planning end-of-summer outdoor festivities in England, because they may be rudely interrupted by a bunch of pissy, tipsy wasps, ready to sting everybody in sight.

Specifically, it’s the German wasp (a misnomer—they’re not coming from Germany). The Independent reports that basically, loads of wasps have jack shit to do with their time, so they’re going out and getting plastered and crashing picnics and starting fights, like fucking jerks.

Thanks to this year’s mild winter and dry spring, there are far more wasps in Essex and the south east of the UK than usual this summer.
Queen wasps have now stopped laying, meaning that rather than having to constantly bring food to the infants in the nests, worker wasps are left without anything to do.
This means they are increasingly bothering humans trying to enjoy picnics and barbecues outside, and eating fermented fruits, which can make them drunk.

Hey, if you can’t handle your liquor, stick to the Capri Sun. At every barbecue, there’s always one asshole.

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Photo via Shutterstock/Olga_Phoenix.

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