Dude Makes Jewelry Covered in Human Skin, Because You Totally Want That, Right?


If you’re finally ready to put a ring on the special skin-suit cannibal king in your life, Icelandic artist Sruli Recht has you covered. Recht hired a plastic surgeon to flay a flap of hairy, living skin from his abdomen, which he then tanned and wrapped around an elegant golden ring (the video above includes footage of the procedure…soooooo…click or don’t click). I know what you’re thinking: That bagel you’re eating would taste way better with more information about the man-leather! Well, you’re welcome in advance!

The Forget Me Knot ring is mainly made of 24-carat gold, but instead of sporting a diamond or an emerald, it has a bit of human skin for embellishment. That skin came from a willing donor, the designer himself.
Recht had a 4 inch by 0.4 inch piece removed from his abdomen. The skin was tanned, complete with hair intact, and mounted to the ring. I think even Sauron would think twice about wearing it.
In case you’re concerned about the authenticity of your $470,000 human skin ring purchase, the buyer will received a DNA certificate and a DVD documentary of the whole process.

$470,000? A bargain indeed! No price is too steep for the lady who wants to feel like a great big fat person queen while he carries you over the threshold of your Honeymoon Dreadfort-built-for-two. Who said romance was dead? I mean alive? I mean IT’S A RING COVERED IN MAN-LEATHER. LOOK AT IT. GAZE UPON ITS HAIRS AND DESPAAAAAAIR.

Ring covered in human skin gives design the finger [CNET]

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