Elizabeth Chambers, Armie Hammer’s Ex-Wife, Reportedly Leaked Those Stories About Him

In emails and texts obtained by CNN and Page Six, Chambers appeared to impersonate her friend to expose her husband and called his victims "crazy."

Elizabeth Chambers, Armie Hammer’s Ex-Wife, Reportedly Leaked Those Stories About Him

The inescapable saga surrounding Armie Hammer, serially accused of predation and accused of rape by one woman, has a new twist: CNN reported on Monday evening that Hammer’s then-wife, Elizabeth Chambers, allegedly leaked several major stories about Hammer that broke in the fall of 2020 by using a now ex-friend’s email and other accounts. The woman, who also spoke to Page Six, said she initially agreed to give Chambers access to her email, because “she asked and she was my friend.”

“At first it seemed completely harmless as it isn’t the main email that I use. Then I saw everything she was writing and saying and I got super uncomfortable and lied to her and said that I needed to change my password cuz [sic] I was hacked,” the friend said.

According to CNN—which says it “obtained screenshots of text messages between Chambers and her former friend discussing the impersonation”—in October 2020 amid Chambers’ and Hammer’s divorce, Chambers used her friend’s email to tip off a media outlet that Hammer had abandoned their children in Grand Cayman. The family had lived there during the early months of the pandemic, just prior to their separation. Chambers, through her friend’s email, claimed Hammer left the family to be with Lily James, his co-star in Netflix’s Rebecca.

In one text allegedly obtained by Page Six around the same time, Chambers appears to text her friend that they need to “get back to commenting and sending tips,” specifically, “this time to the Daily Mail in the sun about Lily James.” The Daily Mail story reporting Hammer’s alleged romance with James was published on October 26, 2020. It described Chambers as “heartbroken” by the alleged affair. “She is an amazing woman. She doesn’t deserve this. You couldn’t ask for a more stunning devoted wife and she’s a great mom to their two little ones.” Hmm!

Within months, the slew of sexual misconduct and exploitations allegations against Hammer would begin—including the allegation by one woman, who goes by House of Effie on Instagram, that Hammer raped her for four hours in 2017. In texts obtained by Page Six, Chambers’ friend appeared to ask Chambers if that woman specifically is “OK.” Chambers allegedly replied, “Yes, she’s just dramatic” and said of the women who spoke out against Hammer: “They’re all crazy.”

In January 2021, additional text messages show Chambers had her friend leak Hammer’s “finsta,” or private Instagram account, to one outlet, making some very specific demands of her friend. “Please ask her to pay close attention to his captions and let her know if any of the last nine attachments you just sent did not come through,” Chambers allegedly texted, per Page Six. She added, “I need her to agree to you that she will only attribute this to one of his many victims.”

Emails obtained by CNN, dated around the same time, show Chambers writing as her friend to a reporter that, despite allegations against Hammer pouring in, he was “smugly living his most privileged life as his career burns to the ground.” The email included several shots from the private Instagram. The story came out two days later.

According to CNN, texts and emails that Chambers’ friend provided show multiple instances of Chambers acknowledging that she’s impersonating her friend. In one text, specifically, Chambers allegedly wrote, “Omg. I’m currently writing an email from your account to the [redacted media outlet].”

Representatives for Chambers did not immediately respond to request for comment from Jezebel. Chambers has yet to comment on the allegations.

I’m inclined to respect a friendly group effort to lay waste to the life of a cheating, dangerous, and generally awful man. But if the texts are authentic, it’s pretty clear from Chambers describing Hammers’ alleged rape victim—and the other women who say he harmed them—as “crazy” that this was hardly a ~feminist~ undertaking for her.

Chambers and Hammer were married for 10 years before she filed for divorce in July 2020. They have a son and daughter together. Just last week, Chambers gave her first interview—as herself!!!—since Hammer’s numerous scandals broke, in which she said that she and Hammer are in “a really great place.” Sounds like it!

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