Elizabeth Olsen Is Truly Done With Social Media, Unlike, Uh, Some Other Celebrities

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Elizabeth Olsen Is Truly Done With Social Media, Unlike, Uh, Some Other Celebrities
Image:Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images)

Unlike some celebrities, who will remain nameless, that quit social media only to return with great fanfare a short while later, Elizabeth Olsen tells Glamour UK that she is never going back to Instagram, or any other social media platform. Olsen deleted her account last summer, around the time her Marvel co-star, Chadwick Boseman, died. Fans began to question why she hadn’t posted a tribute to him and if she was deleting her account to hide that fact. Olsen told the magazine she wasn’t, in fact, bullied off the platform adding, “Why am I even trying to create a character version of myself and put it out in the world?”

Olsen, who recently starred in one of Marvel’s best productions, Wandavision, also discussed the best advice she ever got from her sisters, MaryKate and Ashley Olsen. “No is a full sentence. I always felt like I could say no in any work situation,” she said. Olsen applied this attitude toward her treatment of social media, saying no to the idea that just because she was famous and “an entitled person” that her voice needed to be heard whenever something major happened in the world. “It’s such a narcissistic viewpoint,” she said.

Olsen is currently in the UK filming for Wanda Maximoff’s next big adventure, Doctor Strange 2 but she won’t be tweeting out behind the scenes photos any time soon.

When Cardi B said, “Balenciaga Bardi back and all these bitches fucked” it was a warning, one that seems to have gone unheeded. Since uttering these words, Cardi has released a new clothing collaboration with Reebok, including two new colorways of her sneakers. According to TMZ these are not the only Cardi products I will be spending money on in the near future. Cardi’s company has reportedly filed legal documents to “lock down the rights to the phrase Bardi Beauty.” Belcalis Almanzar is giving us, the unworthy, a beauty line!

No details yet on what Balenciaga Bardi is bringing to the table, but certainly my wallet will be fucked as I intend to purchase everything available.

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