Elizabeth Warren Opposes Sex Reassignment Surgery for Transgendered Inmate


Transgendered woman Michelle Kosilek, who was imprisoned for the murder of her wife as Robert Kosilek in 1990, was granted a sex-change operation by a US district court judge three days ago. In the 126-page ruling, Judge Mark Wolf “there is no less intrusive means to correct the prolonged violation of Kosilek’s Eighth Amendment right to adequate medical care.'”

Aside from the metric crap-load of precedent-setting decisions this will force the state and the prison system to deal with (where to house the post-op Kosilek in order to keep her from being assaulted by male inmates, the possible ramifications of placing her in a female prison facility, and so on), the $20,000 operation is on the state’s dime. In an interview with WTKK-FM, Democratic Senate candidate and infamously maybe-Native American Elizabeth Warren admitted: “I have to say, I don’t think it’s a good use of taxpayer dollars.”

Warren shares her view with her opposing Senate candidate, Republican Scott Brown, who goes so far as to call it “an outrageous abuse” of state funds and hopes for the ruling to be overturned.

‘Elizabeth Warren disagrees with judge’s sex-change ruling’ [Boston Globe]

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