Elon Musk Biography Rife With Egregious Behavior, Billionaire Fallouts, Sexual Fantasies

We pulled 13 big revelations as reported by Walter Isaacson in "Elon Musk."

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Photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS; Simon and Schuster

In spite of every New York Times and Atlantic thinkpiece musing about who Elon Musk really is, he’s actually fairly simple: He’s a wealth-hoarding, billionaire egomaniac; a raging transphobe; an alleged sexual harasser; and, by most accounts (including his own), a bad dad.

Nonetheless, we have now been gifted (???) a trove of new information that more or less backs all of this up via Walter Isaacson’s Elon Musk, a biography of the Tesla CEO and Twitter (or X) owner that’s out this week. Anyone navigating Bill Gates’ internet has surely seen some snippets by now, namely that Musk and Grimes secretly welcomed their third child together. Speaking of Gates, he and Musk apparently don’t like each other very much ever since a fun falling-out that’s detailed in Isaacson’s book (and which I’ve included in this slideshow).

All of this intel is predictably, ominously wacky and provides too deep a glimpse into the sexual proclivities of a man I have never wanted to picture naked. At some point, it becomes hard to scandalize the world when it comes to Elon since he—and those in his orbit—devote little effort toward hiding what a pompous asshole he is. Grimes has (affectionately) described being in a relationship with him as an “internship.” His first wife said Musk once told her if she were his employee he’d fire her. Isaacson’s bio tells a number of stories in this vein. Still, even given everything we already know about this man, some manage to shock. I’ve gathered those stand-out stories as reported by Isaacson in Elon Musk and excerpted by various publications here.

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