Elon Musk Biography Rife With Egregious Behavior, Billionaire Fallouts, Sexual Fantasies

We pulled 13 big revelations as reported by Walter Isaacson in "Elon Musk."


Grimes calls Amber Heard “chaotic evil”

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Grimes calls Amber Heard “chaotic evil”
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But some of the nastiest comments about Heard in Isaacson’s book come from Grimes, another of Musk’s exes. Grimes somehow refers to herself as “chaotic good,” despite publicly supporting and often justifying Musk’s bigotry. For example, she previously defended his transphobia by claiming he’s just concerned about trans kids’ future reproductive capacities, which, ew.

By contrast, she regards Heard as “chaotic evil” and implies that Heard abused Musk, like his dad: “It’s about his father and what he grew up with, and he is quick to fall back into being treated badly,” Grimes told Isaacson. “He associates love with being mean or abusive. There’s an Errol-Amber through line.”

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