Everything Is Beautiful At The Ballet (Okay, Most Things)


If Black Swan is dark and makes ballet look totally terrifying, The Nutcracker provides a nice balance: dark in its own way but makes ballet look totally fun. We’re hoping Ana Gasteyer‘s daughter only saw one of the above.

The Nutcracker and mother-daughter velvet? This (and an American Girl doll) would have been my childhood fantasy!

Not only can Irina Dvorovenko walk in these shoes, she can probably dance in them, too. Like, en pointe.

Kelly Rutherford‘s like, Audrey on the bottom, Christmas on top! Dig the ambivalence played out in the public eye.

Mary-Louise Parker, meanwhile, makes absolutely no concession to the holiday season. Which we respect.

I’m not sure Blaine Trump does either; she’s always kind of in socialite drag.

Since Hamish Bowles has a Vogue column in which he does unlikely things in bespoke suiting, it’s always hard to know whether he’s doing that, or just going about his business, in bespoke suiting.

[Images via Getty]

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