Farrah Abraham Admits She Was Lying About Her Sex Tape


Farrah Abraham has finally come clean about her sex tape—sort of. On last night’s episode of Couples Therapy she revealed the reason why she hasn’t been able to speak honestly about Backdoor Teen Mom: “I signed some shit away that I’m fucking against and I can’t even talk about it because I signed this huge fucking contract.”

After being challenged about the legitimacy of her claims that Backdoor Teen Mom was a leaked personal video, Farrah was ostracized by her cast mates who believed that she was lying to them about the situation.

Perhaps noticing that Farrah’s situation was problematic, Dr. Jenn sat down with her for a solo session, where she offered to have the cameras and mics turned off so that Farrah could be totally forthcoming without having to worry about whatever legal issues barred her from doing so before.

The next day in group therapy, Farrah tried to explain the situation to the others, admitting that she had been lying:

You guys think that I’m purposefully and intentionally lying to you but it’s like, you know, I have a lot to lose. So I would tell you the truth if I could, if it were safe. If it wasn’t gonna fuck up my whole life, then I would tell you the truth.

So what is it that Farrah signed away that she’s “fucking against”? And who is the agreement with? Vivid? Her parents? Her vagueness implies that she was blackmailed into making a sex tape, when typically, people are blackmailed because of a sex tape.

Her refusal to speak truthfully about the sex tape is even weirder after her recent claims that it ruined her life and if she could go back in time she wouldn’t do it again. She’s also been willing to talk openly about more delicate issues, like how she was beaten as a child, and later on, repeatedly raped.

Confusing matters even more was yesterday’s revelation that Vivid is releasing a sequel to Backdoor Teen Mom. According to Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch, this is an entirely new film with new footage and will not be released as a “leaked” sex tape, but as an actual porn. James Deen will reprise his role as her costar, and the pair will use three different fetish sex swings.

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