Fashion Scavenger Hunt: Help Find This Wedding Caftan


From Jolie:

I’m getting married in September and I basically want to die. Everything about this wedding is making me so upset, and the only reason I’m putting myself through it is because I’m afraid I’ll regret it if I don’t have a proper wedding.
Among the things that are making me want to die is the search for a wedding dress. I was totally traumatized by my first attempt to find a dress: overwhelmed, insulted, pushed around, inexplicably shoved into a dress that involved feathers and burlap … it was really just awful in every way. I’m still not up to heading back into the wilds of bridal boutiques, but time’s a’wasting and I know I have to get my tush in gear. So I’ve been looking online to at least get some ideas … when I came across this.
It is my dream dress. It is beautiful. I don’t even give a fig what it costs! But first, I need to find it. Help me please! I will be the happiest bride ever if I can wear this kaftan on my wedding day. (crumpleface)

Help her!

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