Florida Man Calls 911 Seven Times Because His Wife Threw Out His Beer


Great news everybody! Florida Man is back and he’s brought along his wife, Florida Woman. This time, he’s in trouble for calling police because his wife threw away his beer.

According to WPBF, Carlos Bueno Mir, 49, of West Palm Beach called 911 a grand total of seven times in one evening, to report his wife for throwing out his beer:

When officers arrived [after the first call], Bueno Mir appeared intoxicated and told them that his wife had “thrown out his beer.” The officers instructed him that his situation was not an emergency and was advised to not call 911 unless there was an emergency, the report said.
Bueno Mir called 911 again and became uncooperative with the operator, refusing to provide what his emergency was. Bueno Mir called 911 again and began yelling that a female outside had broken into two of his beers, the report said.

In total, Bueno Mir called 911 seven times within four hours. Oh dear. He was arrested and charged with “misuse of the 911 emergency system for making a false alarm or complaint or reporting false information.”

Now, Florida Man. I realize that’s a pretty terrible thing to have someone throw your beer away like that. I know you probably worked really, really hard for it and all you wanted to do is come home, relax, watch a rerun of Duck Dynasty and enjoy a couple of cold ones. Hey. I feel you, man. But you can’t go calling the cops because your wife throws your beer out. Just think about how busy they are dealing with all the other crazy trouble you get yourself into!

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