Florida Man Helps Thieving Woman Steal His Holiday Decorations


A 44-year-old woman in Cantonment, Florida, has been arrested and charged with petit larceny for allegedly stealing Christmas decorations from random front yards. The sticky-fingered grinch was caught redhanded by a man who witnessed her stuffing holiday cheer into her trunk.

NorthEscambia.com (via the eternally entertaining Florida Woman Twitter) reports that the woman was driving around the neighborhood, taking decorations from yards and putting them in her car.

One resident, Sean Young, caught Whited on camera and posted the photos to his Facebook page.
“I asked her if she needed help putting my stuff in her car,” Young wrote on Facebook. “Then I took her picture.”

So the guy saw her stealing his decorations, offered to help, and then snapped her photo? LOVE IT. Love the photo even more.

Many of the decorations were returned, and the Scrooge is out on bond. She’s also been charged with marijuana possession, but you knew that.

Main image via Khoo Si Lin/Shutterstock, additional image via Sean Young/NorthEscambia.com

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