Florida Man Thinks He’s More Popular Than World’s Most Famous Woman

According to a new report in Rolling Stone, Donald Trump's campaign wants to launch a "holy war" on Taylor Swift if/when she endorses Joe Biden. Sure.

Florida Man Thinks He’s More Popular Than World’s Most Famous Woman

No one would ever accuse Donald Trump of not being delusional but sometimes he is so delusional that it’s actually impressive? Over the past few weeks, according to Rolling Stone, people close to Trump’s campaign have discussed the possibility of Taylor Swift eventually endorsing Joe Biden. And Trump has responded by insisting he’s way more popular and has way more fans than Swift. It feels like a scenario where you could just be like, “OK lemme know,” but I guess he wouldn’t be our sad and rambling former president with multiple indictments if he gave a regular response.

Rolling Stone writes:

Behind the scenes, Trump has reacted to the possibility of Biden and Swift teaming up against him this year not with alarm, but with an instant projection of ego. In recent weeks, the former president has told people in his orbit that no amount of A-list celebrity endorsements will save Biden. Trump has also privately claimed that he is “more popular” than Swift and that he has more committed fans than she does, a person close to Trump and another source with knowledge of the matter tell Rolling Stone.

Swift has yet to endorse anyone for president, but she endorsed Biden in 2020 and I imagine will offer some kind of baked goods endorsement (she posted a photo of herself with a tray of Biden 2020 cookies one month before the election) at some point. And people around Trump are ready to start “a holy war” if or when that happens.

On Monday, a New York Times story reported that Swift is at the top of Biden’s list for potential surrogates because, yeah! She’s pretty popular! Like, the highest-grossing-music-tour-and-highest-grossing-concert-movie-of-all-time popular. Trump is for sure very popular among his insane base of loyal (and terrifying) fans but the fact that he thinks he’s global-superstar-level of popular is both hilarious and concerning that maybe he doesn’t understand how many people live in the world.

Apart from this, Trump is also still butthurt that Swift was named Time’s 2023 Person of the Year instead of him—which is such a wild thought seeing how he did nothing in 2023 except get his mug shot taken.

Last month, the source close to Trump adds, the ex-president commented to some confidants that it “obviously” made no sense that he was not named Time magazine’s 2023 Person of the Year

What exactly a “holy war” against Swift would entail is unclear. Although right-wing MAGA nuts are already crying conspiracy theory over the fact that Swift’s boyfriend is going to the Super Bowl. Apparently, Democrats have rigged the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs will win the big game so that Swift can endorse Biden at halftime. So, stay tuned, I guess???

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