Florida Woman Accidentally Shot in Face While Driving to Shooting Range


Today in Ugh Florida WTF: a woman was accidentally shot in the jaw while driving to a shooting range. Yep.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the group was cruising along when the firearm was accidentally discharged and shot the woman in the jaw. Thankfully, she was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital where she’s expected to recover.

So, maybe today’s teaching moment is that even when people have the best of intentions — like heading to a shooting range to learn how to properly use their weapons — there’s always plenty of room for error. So, uh, maybe there should just be a lot fewer guns? Yeah?

Not to turn into a Very Special Episode of an 80s sitcom on you, but these accidental deaths often involve children:

Firearms are the second-leading cause of non-natural deaths for kids, typically from a gun the kid finds somewhere around the house, according to a University of Utah report that mentioned additional horrific statistics. About two-thirds of accidental shooting deaths happen in the home, with the kid shooting himself to death in 45 percent of the cases and friends or family members pulling the trigger in the remainder. More than 50 percent of American households have a gun in the house, and, in one survey of evidently careless families, 10 percent said they had loaded firearms in unlocked locations that were easily accessible to kids.

USA! USA! USoh, fuck it.

[Local 10]

Image via Andrii Muzyka/Shutterstock.

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