Former Fox News Anchor Juliet Huddy Says Trump Tried to Kiss Her 


As inevitably as the force of gravity will continue to keep matter from flying off the face of the earth today, another woman has joined the list of 19 people who have accused Donald Trump of sexually harassing or fondling them or invading a dressing room. It seems that when he bragged about his escapades in unwanted and unsuccessful sexual advances, he meant it.

On the “Mornin!!! With Bill Schulz” podcast (behind a paywall) on Thursday, Fox News anchor and current radio host Juliet Huddy claimed that Trump tried to kiss her in a Trump Tower elevator around 2005. Here’s Huddy’s description of his attempt to dock his cracked mouth-hole, via Page Six:

He took me for lunch at Trump Tower, just us two. He said goodbye to me in an elevator while his security guy was there, rather than kiss me on the cheek he leaned in to kiss me on the lips. I wasn’t offended, I was kind of like, ‘Oh my god.’

Huddy claims that later, Trump joked about it on-air on her program “The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet”:

He came up on stage and he turned around to the audience ― and, you know, there were 50 people there ― and he said, ‘I tried to hit on her, but she blew me off.’

On Friday night, Huddy made a point on Twitter to add that she “was neither threatened nor offended in elevator” but has been “offended by his comments on ‘other matters,’” referring to Trump’s support for Bill O’Reilly. Huddy is one of many women to have accused O’Reilly of repeat sexual advances.

Her allegation of the unwanted kiss matches those of Summer Zervos, Temple Taggart, Natasha Stoynoff, Cathy Heller, Jessica Drake, and Rachel Crooks. Of course several are even worse, including claims that he did in fact try to grab women by the genitals. We can also just go back 100,000 years ago when Trump admitted to as much himself.

Former Democratic Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky, who sued Roger Ailes for harassment, has tweeted that Huddy “told [her] this story many years ago, well before Trump was running for anything.”

Trump has not responded, but three hours ago he emphatically endorsed accused child molester Roy Moore.

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