GIF Shows How Magazine Needlessly Photoshopped Jennifer Lawrence


Here we go again.

This before and after gif, similar to one you may remember, is making the rounds on on the Official Institute for the Preservation of Jensen Ackles Imagery, aka Tumblr. It shows everyone’s BFF (OK, OK, JK JK I know y’all are sick of us calling her that hahahahaha), Jennifer Lawrence in a before and after shot for a February 2011 cover of Flare magazine. (Fun fact: Flare is “Canada’s fashion magazine.” OK cool!)

Yes it’s old. And yes, we’ve seen a lot of these ridiculously extreme Photoshop editing jobs lately. Still, I feel like this question gets repeated over and over and OVER AND OVER…why is this even necessary?

For crying out loud.

I mean. They moved her bones around. What weird ass “Conventions of Perfect Beauty” seminar did I miss that says the bones in your chest/neck area need to be way down lower otherwise OMG SO UNSIGHTLY AND GROSS.

Well, whatever. I’m off to irrationally obsess about why bones in random parts of my body aren’t positioned at a lower angle. Sigh.

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