Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron Have Entered the Road Trip Phase of Their Relationship

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Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron Have Entered the Road Trip Phase of Their Relationship
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We’ve already established that in August all the good celebrities are on yachts far away from the news cycle, leaving the rest of to suck popsicles in our hot apartments and find ourselves sincerely interested in what that one cute guy from The Bachelor is doing.

Well, he’s on vacation with Gigi Hadid is what he’s doing. Not too long ago, Bachelorette Hannah Brown finally saw the error of her ways and invited Tyler Cameron, one of just three non-repulsive men from her season, upstairs. But it now it has become pretty evident that invitation was a nightcap just a tad too late because Gigi Hadid and Tyler are firmly into the road trip phase of their relationship.

Gigi and Tyler were photographed together at a Starbucks in Lake George, New York together after bowling on August 5 and maybe having an overnight earlier this week. So it looks like they are maybe not going to wind all this summer lovin’ down in time for Tyler to be the Bachelor, which makes me sad because I thought Tyler had made an unspoken commitment to me in that he would save me from another season of Arie-boredom of plain old Colton-sadness. Give yourself two more weeks to think it over, Tyler. You kids head to Rhode Island for Taylor Swift’s Labor Day party and see how you’re feeling afterward. There’s still time. [Page Six]

It is not Rebecca Romijn’s fault that I cannot see her name without involuntarily mentally adding a “Stamos,” because she has not been married to Uncle Jessie in a very long time, and I need to let it go. She is married to Jerry O’Connell, who I still think of as Vern from Stand By Me because, as evidenced by the above sentence, I have a hard time letting things go.

Anyway, she snores, he records it, and shares the video on a talk show I just this day learned he had, and while Rebecca Romijn (end of name) is not divorcing Jerry (not Vern) over it, she is also understandably not thrilled.

Also newsworthy, the two of them star in an upcoming film called Satanic Panic, which could be the new thing I remember them for if someone would be kind enough to send me a screener. [People]

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