Gillian Anderson Stars in Netflix's Earnest High School Sex Therapist Comedy


Imagine if everyone on Skins had been in therapy since they were five and began high school as fully-formed, empathetic—albeit horny—communicators with beautiful sex-therapist mamas. That sounds fine, right?

Netflix has released the trailer for its imminent high school comedy Sex Education, a title about as straightforward and appropriate as the show’s apparent material. The first moments of the trailer have Jean Milburn (Gillian Anderson!) telling her high school son Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield, of Ender’s Game fame) that she’s noticed him “pretending to masturbate” and to feel free to, you know, pretend to discuss that. Charmingly askew humor? Checks out. Several other hallmarks of the quirky British comedy also make an appearance including girl with pink hair and irresistibly bad attitude, excessive use of “shag” across multiple verb tenses, and something actually happening in a scene where people are forced to dance.

Here’s a description of the show, per Deadline:

“Surrounded by manuals, videos and tediously open conversations about sex, Otis is a reluctant expert on the subject. When his home life is revealed at school, Otis realizes that he can use his specialist knowledge to gain status. He teams up with Maeve (Emma Mackey), a whip-smart bad-girl, and his best friend Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) and together they set up an underground sex therapy clinic to deal with their fellow students’ weird and wonderful problems. Through his analysis of teenage sexuality, Otis realizes he may need some therapy of his own.”

Sex Education premieres on Netflix in little more than a week, on January 11.

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