Golden Retriever Puppies Love Fall, Destroy Pumpkins to Prove It

These puppies experiencing fall for the first time absolutely love it. They’re not dreading going back to school or worrying about the annual department audit coming up in November that your boss is freaking out about. No, these puppies are just like “HEY LOOK IT’S A THING AND THERE’S ANOTHER THING YAY!” We should all experience life this way.

Courtesy of Hooplaha and their staff of puppy lovers, this video shows just what happens when a bunch of adorable Golden Retrievers go all pumpkin-spice crazy at the beginning of fall. Honestly, there’s really no difference in this video of puppies experiencing fall than any of the videos we’ve shown with puppies experience summer or spring. If you’re looking to unlock some kind of mystical dog seasonal awareness moment, I’m sorry to say it won’t be found here. But these puppies are so freaking cute! Why do Golden Retrievers do this to me?

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