GQ Put a Baby Who Can't Dress Himself on Their Best Dressed List


British GQ just released 2015’s Best Dressed Men in Britain list and guess what? One honoree can’t even put his own pants on. No, not David Beckham! It’s King Baby, Prince George.

“Already following in the footsteps of his great-great-great-uncle, Edward VIII, and his grandfather, the Prince of Wales, Prince George looks set to become the UK’s best-dressed man,” remarks Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz of GQ‘s 49th place-holder (imagine being #50 and getting outranked by a 1.5 year old).

Let’s consider GQ‘s decision for a moment. Prince George A.) wears a lot of overalls which is last season at best, B.) gets dressed by a nanny, C.) doesn’t choose his own clothes and D.) is, once again, a freaking baby. Give me his money and resources (not a hypothetical—I would really like my own nanny) and I could be just as stylish, if not—TAKE THIS, RED COATS—more.

But this isn’t about me. Besides, I am lying and could probably not dress better than a baby. This is about how putting a toddler on a dumb and meaningless list has somehow managed to make said list even dumber and more meaningless. Idolizing a baby simply because they have noteworthy parents who invest in a good wardrobe and careful photo-ops is foolish at best and pathetic at worse. JUST KIDDING. It’s because our royal baby is fresher than yooooooou(rs).

On second thought, if Rafferty Law deserves a place on British GQ‘s best dressed list, then so does Prince George. Long may he reign.

Image via Getty.

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