Half of Texas's Low-Income Women Have to Find New Doctors Because Rick Perry Hates Planned Parenthood


On January 1st, Texas launched its revamped Women’s Health Program. By revamped, we mean that the state-run system that is supposed to service Texas’s 100,000 low-income women no longer includes satanic abortionplex Planned Parenthood, meaning that nearly half of those women will have to find a new doctor this year — even though the clinics formerly in the program didn’t even provide abortions. Sorry, ladies!

Planned Parenthood is doing everything it can to make sure they don’t have to turn away patients, and they’ve filed for an injunction to force the state to include them — the court hearing is scheduled for next week.

But there’s only so much they can afford to do, so, for now, numerous women are confused by the new program and don’t understand why they can’t get free breast cancer checks anymore thanks to anti-abortion insanity. CBS 11 reports:

“It’s not right,” says Rotunda McDowell. McDowell says her college age daughter is one of those caught in the crossfire of healthcare and contentious politics. Her daughter is a Women’s Health Plan client now being told that she can no longer receive care for free at Planned Parenthood Clinics.
“We have so many things we have to deal with-breast cancer, cervical cancer– we have to stay healthy,” says McDowell. “If you don’t have insurance and the money and the means to get the care that you need, what choice do you have, other than do without?”

In response, Governor Rick Perry was probably like, “lol, what’s ‘health’ compared to innocent embryos?” as he gleefully cut a vomit-pink ribbon at yet another crisis pregnancy center.


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