Halle Berry Is Pregnant Again, This Time With America's Hottest Male Fetus

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After a tumultuous year of custody battles with her ex-husband Gabriel Aubry (the father of her 5-year-old daughter Nahla), Halle Berry, 46, has confirmed via her rep that she’s pregnant again. She and fiancé Olivier Martinez—a.k.a. the outrageously hot French guy that Richard Gere graphically clocked over the head with a snow globe in Unfaithful—are expecting a baby boy. She’s three months along.

Last year, Berry told Wendy Williams that she was glad that she’d had Nahla when she was over 40: “I’m a much better mother at 46, or 41 when I had her, than if I were 21 or 25. I was just a little baby, just trying to figure it out, trying to figure out who I was, let alone have the responsibility of trying to help another little soul develop and grow. I’m so glad I waited.” [Us Weekly]

  • Bradley Cooper’s been getting douchetastic dating advice from friend Leonardo DiCaprio (“He’s gonna date as many supermodels as possible before he’s 40, then settle down”). [Showbiz Spy]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow has the ass of a 22-year-old stripper, said one of Gwyneth Palrow’s servants nori rolls friends to her. [Us Weekly]
  • Kate Middleton and Prince William played competitive ping-pong and then fucked in a public bathroom (maybe?!). [Us Weekly]
  • Avi Snow, we hardly knew ye. He and Lindsay Lohan have broken up. [The Hollywood Gossip]
  • And Adam Lambert broke up with his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen. [Us Weekly]
  • Here’s Tom Cruise making dumplings in Taiwan, guaranteed to make you—be you man, woman or houseplant—fully erect. [Daily Mail]
  • WHY, Kristen Stewart, WHY must you “encourage Robert Pattinson to pursue his music career”? [Hollywood Life]
  • R-Patz went out with Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix, who totally represent two puffy-sexy ghosts of his possible futures. [THR]
  • My boyfriend Mindy Project star Ike Barinholtz is having his first baby with wife Erica Hanson. [Us Weekly
  • Knox Jolie-Pitt: Still adorable, if you had any concerns about that. [Us Weekly]
  • Chris Brown’s revived community service case (he may have forged his completed hours) has been delayed until June. [WTVR]
  • Andy Cohen’s crack cultural analysis of the appeal of the Real Housewives franchise: “It’s fun when everybody screws up. It’s fun when I wear something stupid.” (In case anyone was looking for a good epitaph: THAT.) [Page Six]
  • Sofia Vergara on someday wanting to be a sick patient or a crazy hooker or something like that.
  • ”Well, I’ve always taken advantage of [my looks], for sure. I’ve never been shy about it or apologised about it. I love it. If they need a sexy woman, I don’t care – I’m not dying to prove anything else.
    ”It’s like I would love to do something a little bit more dramatic and maybe like a sick patient or like a crazy hooker or something like that! But I’m happy playing characters that are portrayed sexy because I am who I am and take advantage of it.”
  • DM Shonda Rhimes, yo! I bet she’d help you kill those two birds with one stone. [Contact Music]
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