Here Is a Woman Dressed as the Abominable Snow Monster Walking Her Dog


Does the winter already suck where you live? This story might make all that snow and ice it a teeny bit more bearable.

Spotted in Allouez, Wisconsin, this woman is having a blast with wintertime, walking her poodle “Blizzard” dressed as the Abominable Snow Monster (you know, the one from those CBS Christmas specials?)

She totally commits to the bit, too. Via Fox 11:

When asked what she was doing walking the streets of Allouez, Bumble said she was visiting from Misfit Island.
Yes, the Misfit Island, near where you can find Santa, Yukon Cornelius and Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer.
“[To] bring joy, happiness,” said Bumble when asked why she was visiting Allouez.
Joy and happiness is exactly what Bumble is bringing, along with plenty of picture takers and spectators.

This is what would get if Garrison Keillor and William S. Burroughs wrote a Christmas story together.

They seem to be having a good time. But Bumble has a complaint about the weather in Wisconsin.

“Too warm,” she said.

Of course.

Image via Fox 11.

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