Here Is the Trailer for Jon Hamm's Christmas-y Turn on Black Mirror 


This Christmas, the U.K. will be taking in a little technofuturistic paranoia with their seasonal cheer, as Jon Hamm appears in a special holiday edition of Black Mirror. And here’s your first look, featuring Hamm and his stubble! (Oh, and costar Rafe Spall.)

The video comes via the Guardian, which provides some plot details for “Black Mirror: White Christmas,” as well: “Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm takes the lead as Matt, while Rafe Spall plays Potter, his companion. The two are holed up in a mysterious snowy outpost and attempt to figure each other out with stories of their past lives.” Sounds like a fucked-up Christmas Carol. Into it.

Even better, the preceding six episodes are now available on Netflix. So you can watch those legally and then, ahem, figure something out.

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