Here's Behind-the-Scenes Footage of 'Let It Go' Sung in 25 Languages


Move over, Idina Menzel! I know that almost every weekend I promise that we are done with Frozen forever, but I keep not being able to let it go (sorry). And this behind-the-scenes video featuring every actress who sang the relentlessly catchy tune around the globe isn’t helping me stop singing the song loudly and off-key with all the windows open.

What’s most impressive about this video, aside from the fact that some of these singers are giving Menzel a run for her money, is how well it’s made. The recording is obviously cobbled together from different sources, but it’s also edited so well that it’s almost impossible to imagine that all these women aren’t in the same room having the most amazing sing-off of all time. (How much do you want to bet that if there were a sing-off, Adele Dazeem would just burst into “Defying Gravity” to shut everyone else up?)

Which singer is your favorite? Mine is Takako Matsu of Japan. It’s also pretty cool that every translation of the movie had a pop version of the song in the credits. Here’s a mash-up of just some of the international pop stars doing their thing.

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