Here's Maya Rudolph Making the Funny at Tulane's Commencement


“Brothers; brothers from other mothers; sisters; roommates; ‘roommates’; meemaws and papaws; Aunt Ronnys; Uncle Garys; and people who met on Tinder this morning”: just a few of the guests Maya Rudolph addressed at her Tulane University commencement speech last weekend.

You can watch the full speech—which, as you might suspect, includes impersonations of Oprah and Beyoncé—below, which includes a few awkward moments when 1. the university acapella group sings ‘Loving You’ to welcome Rudolph, who looks shy (if that’s even possible) under the bask of the attention; 2. Maya “jokes” about how sorry she feels for those who are graduating with student loan debt (which, if my math is correct, will set a Tulane student who finishes in four years back just over a cool quarter million dollars).

Screengrab courtesy YouTube

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