Here's Playful Scamp Jennifer Lawrence Catching an Entire Faceful of Natalie Dormer in Prank Gone Wrong


Today ends in a Y, which means that Jennifer Lawrence has once again done something incredibly adorable that makes us all wish she were our best friend, calling us up at 3am to “GET A FUCKING ENCHIRITO! WAKE THE FUCK UP, LOSER!” This time, she accidentally made out with Natalie Dormer.

Now, none of us are going to pretend that this is a steamy kiss or a passionate lip lock based on years of pent-up longing, but it’s still pretty cute. According to Uproxx, Lawrence tried to “interview-bomb” Dormer on the red carpet in London by kissing her cheek and got her comeuppance. (Just like the second time she fell at the Oscars, which was the only real time.) (That’s something I need to mention every time I write about J.Law.)

So here’s what happened: Lawrence tried to surprise Dormer with a kiss on the cheek, the latter turned too quickly and accidentally pecked Lawrence on the lips, and then everyone had a good laugh about the whole thing.:

Ever ready with a healthy sense of humor, though, Lawrence quipped, “We just kissed on camera. And I liked it.” Dormer then turned back to the red carpet interview that she was giving, during which the reporter told her she had some of Lawrence’s lipstick on her face. Dormer joked, “I’ll get Jennifer Lawrence off my face,” before slinking off camera.

Celebrities: They’re just like us! Except completely different because they eat at Nobu and prank each other on the red carpet while the rest of us freak out over the fact that a bag of hotel MnMs costs $7.50.

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