Here's Ryan Lochte's Piss-Happy Acting Debut


Ryan Lochte has been threatening to try acting for several days now, and he’s followed through in record time (we should have expected that one of the fastest men in the water would quickly swim to an indelible part of the pop culture psyche). Here’s his first installment of LochTV, a Funny or Die video series that will involve him looking at the camera, talking in a completely monotone voice, and occasionally getting dimples on half of his face, which will cause your ladyparts to twitch approvingly.

But sitting around and making pee jokes isn’t all Lochte has up his sleeve — er, tucked into his hot pink paisley printed Speedo. He’s been spotted in costume, with famous people filming other comedy bits as well. While this is the first we’ll see Lochte onscreen, it won’t be the last. For better or for worse.

Peeing in Pools with Ryan Lochte from Ryan Lochte

[Funny or Die]

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