Hero Kid Demands Apology From Mike Pence After Getting Elbowed in the Face


As America continues its descent into the bowels of a Demogorgon, please indulge in this moment of comic relief brought to you by a sweet, innocent child who, like so many of us, just wants to be treated with a little respect.

On Tuesday, the vice president hosted military families to celebrate National Military Spouse Appreciation Day at the White House. Just as he was thanking all the cute kiddies for showing up, he thwacked one of them in the face.

Pence walked away and continued his photo-op, but the wronged kid was now on a quest for valor and justice, stopping at nothing for vindication. He trailed Pence, saying, “Excuse me, excuse me,” and to no one in particular, “You owe me an apology.” He then shook his head in exasperation as the cunning villain darted away. Undeterred, our pint-sized hero then pointed and pointed and pointed, motioning at Pence to pay attention to this urgent matter, to no avail. Alas.

The Huffington Post edited the full exchange, noting that the young squire eventually got the apology he sought so persistently. Good job, kid.

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