High Society: Social Distortion


Last night’s episode finally got around to introducing Devorah Rose, who’s used her invented status as editor-in-chief of a magazine we’ve never seen for sale anywhere to insinuate herself into society circles, as well as several different reality shows.

Devorah has attempted to be a cast regular on a few failed reality shows (one was in development for Bravo that never aired, another for ABC), but also weaseled her way onto some episodes of NYC Prep, Real Housewives of New York City, and Fashionista Diaries. (There could be more, those are just the ones I could list off the top of my head.) Anyway, I know that when High Society‘s other poop stain, Jules Kirby, said that the show was scripted, I didn’t believe her, but given Devorah’s nearly slap-sticky performance as Alexis Carrington meets Tina Brown, I recognize that what was depicted in this clip is not Devorah’s reality, but rather, her aspiration. I mean, what print publication is run by two girls in cocktail dresses with one laptop between them? And I thought that only dotcom companies at the turn of the century decorated their spaces with foosball tables. Also, I’m almost positive that Devorah’s “office” is a set: I’m pretty sure that it was used as an apartment on the Law & Order episode based on Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s divorce—no joke.

All that said, I’m really into the fact that Devorah uses the word “social” as noun describing one person, instead of a party, because it only increases my pun possibilities.

This clip is just too good. PJC and Jules talk a bunch of shit on Devorah—and she on them—with a complete lack of any self-awareness. Jules says that what “disgusts” her most about Devorah is that she “abuses the title of socialite, and making it a really, awful, disgusting thing that no one wants to be.”

How is Jules anyway? She’s tired.

But for real, I’m still so in love with Tinsley’s mom Dale. She’s about as camp as a bonfire, and I’m partial to anything flaming.

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