How Much Longer Must We Endure Men and Influencers? Jezebel's Cancel Tournament Continues

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How Much Longer Must We Endure Men and Influencers? Jezebel's Cancel Tournament Continues

Welcome to Day Two of Round Two of Jezebel’s Cancel Tournament. Who or what should we banish today?

Round Two began on Tuesday with a paring down of the Celebrity and Arts Division, as well as Politics. You’ve chosen to cancel Kanye West (8) over Offensive Comedians (16), voting 66 percent to 34 percent. That’s cool, but this result makes more sense to me: canceling Logan Paul (12) instead of The Kardashians (4), 62.3 percent to 37.7 percent. Gone are the days of Cable TV (2), which you chose to get rid of over TV Streaming Services (7), 73 percent to 27 percent. You also voted to cancel Bret Stephens (16) and not Alyssa Milano (9), 87 percent to 13 percent.

I’m concerned about this field because both are awful, but Meghan McCain (6) will be canceled over Chapo Trap House (14), 84.4 percent to 15.6 percent, as will The FOX News Blondes (10), which got 60.9 percent of votes versus But Her Emails (2).

There were two tight races, but Reboots (14) will move forward, and Game of Thrones Creators (11) was saved from cancelation by a tiny margin of 51 percent to 49 percent. Ivanka Trump’s Nazi Dog (12) will be canceled over Joe Biden (4), 54.8 percent to 45.2 percent.

Today, we’re concluding Round Two and cutting some Lifestyle trends and Concepts. What deserves to disappear forever: Vapes (1) or Soulcycle (8)? Feelings (5) or Influencers (4)? Keto Dieting (6) or Wellness (14)? How much longer must we endure Men (9), E M P O W E R M E N T (12), and Brands on Twitter (6)?

You have 24 hours to cast your vote below.

There are 8 questions in the form below. Once you vote, the next question will pop up. To go back and change a vote, click the arrows. Click “Submit” at the end to make sure your votes count! Remember you’re voting for the thing you’d like to be canceled.

Round Three begins tomorrow, when we’re that much closer to eternal cancelation.

Here’s the updated bracket:

Illustration:Jim Cooke (G/O Media

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