I'm Learning a Lot From This Teen Who Came to Prom in an Ambulance


Meet Ashvonn Russell and her date Johnny Auguste, teens in the Bahamas who heard about the contest for Best Prom Entrance (sponsored by a local Key Club, reports BuzzFeed) and were like, my life is already a contest for best prom entrance so this works out great—for you.

Russell, a young preacher of the under-sung gospel of doing too much, told BuzzFeed that she’s an artist who “think[s] outside the box.” She is inspired by fairytales in her paintings and drawings, and she liked the idea of doing “Sleeping Beauty with a modern twist.” The tweet highlighting her hero teen antics has been retweeted over 7,000 times.

Look at that ambulance realness, followed by that diva stare. I’ve never committed to anything so hard in my life, really. God bless you, Ashvonn Russell, ambulance queen—out here being a beautiful one-person street team for Very Extra, LLC.

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Images via Twitter

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