"I'm Pregnant," And Other "Lies" Twitterers Say Women Tell

Need a healthy dose of gender stereotyping, with an added dash of creepy? Check out the newly-popular Twitter tag #liesgirlstell, where men and women list all the ways ladies are supposedly stretching the truth.

#liesgirlstell surfaced earlier today, perhaps as an offshoot of the also-popular and also-icky topics #3wordsaftersex and #3breakupwords. The “lies” seem to fall into three basic categories.

— Scary

It’s not the lies themselves that are scary here, it’s the mentality of someone who assumes — or behaves as though — these are lies. Like this one:

I_SEYMORE_CAKE #liesgirlstell i dont give head

Even if this is a lie, and she has, in fact, “given head” to other guys, aren’t you obligated to take her at her word here? Call us bonerkillers, but we think a woman’s statement of what she will and won’t do in bed should be taken as gospel. After all, just because she’s done something once doesn’t mean she’ll consent to do it again, or with every partner.

sabret00the RT @ThreeWaysIn: #liesgirlstell I don’t want to try anal sex

Um, how did you find out this was a lie? By assuming no meant yes? Creepy.

— Insulting

The insulting category paints women as lying bitches who are out to trap men. To whit:

itsjay_yadigg #liesgirlstell im pregnant

Or, in longer form:

ShivFrost RT itsjay_yadigg #liesgirlstell I’m pregnant …. preach it jay…only suckers get fooled…i wanna see the test turn positive infront me

“I’m pregnant” isn’t a liegirlstell — it’s a liebadpeopletell. And trust us, ShivFrost, most women are as afraid of getting unintentionally pregnant as you apparently are of being lied to about it.

causticbob #liesgirlstell I’m on the pill

Don’t believe her, causticbob? Use a condom!

— White

Many of the liesgirlstell on the list are white lies, meant to make guys feel better about their — usually sexual — deficiencies.

MicaDsGirl #liesgirlstell its not too small

First of all, women say this truthfully all the time. And second, is MicaDsGirl really advocating that women laugh uproariously every time we see a member that’s not up to our standards? Or that men second-guess every compliment about their penises? What good does it do to add more insecurity to the world?

causticbob #liesgirlstell I love the way you taste

Again, quite possibly true. And even if not, why look a gift horse in the, um, mouth?

Nicki_Diamond #liesgirlstell “No! I don’t think your mom is overbearing”

This is a classic white lie, one intended to keep the peace and avoid insulting a partner’s loved one. Obviously honesty in relationships is important, but so is diplomacy. If women uttered every single uncharitable thought they were thinking, they wouldn’t have any friends, let alone boyfriends. And the same, of course, is true of men. Probably the smartest tweet on #liesgirlstell is this one:

#liesgirlstell – the same bloody lies that boys tell; this is the 21st century,! What’s with all the misogyny, and girls joining in too!

While women may not tell exactly the same lies men tell (men can’t say they’re on the pill — yet!), the sad truth is that people of both genders lie to each other from time to time. We lie to make people feel better and we lie to cover up our bad behavior. Anyone who thinks lies are solely the province of women is not only a misogynist but a poor student of human nature. Current.com cites a twitterer who says, “the topics #liesguystell and #liesboystell exist but funnily enough neither are as popular as #liesgirlstell.” We’re not sure it’s all that funny, and maybe the relative unpopularity of #liesguystell is just an example of men getting a pass while women get criticized, but one thing’s for sure — both sexes tell lies, and no one Twitter tag could ever list them all.

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